Monday, December 12, 2016

Wk 10:What I See Myself Doing

What I See Myself Doing & How I Will Get It Done

The journey I have started towards becoming a chef has been exciting, to say the least. It has been a true test of my determination, patience, and faith. My vision is to take those same attributes and own an establishment that is a reflection of those as well. My concept is to own a bakery that incorporates the use of flowers. My background as a florist gave me some of the initial inspiration for this idea. I am definitely open to the idea of working in the industry prior to opening my own shop. I believe it is crucial to gain experience from the many sources available. Each kitchen I work in or each chef I work alongside, will give me a new set of skills to build my own repertoire.

            Understanding the amount of time my career will require is something I am very aware of. Rarely will you become great over night or in little time. I am prepared to work my way up the ladder. I am eager to learn as much as I can and be in an environment where I can apply the knowledge. Application is key. I could have so much knowledge and if I never seek the opportunity to use it, it will definitely do me no good. I believe very strongly in surrounding oneself with like-minded people.  My aspiration is to be an outstanding chef, therefore, I have to find the appropriate and strongest players now. Looking forward to my vision, I want the people that come through the doors of my establishment to feel the passion that goes into my craft. I believe that anybody can make food, but I believe that when you do so with passion, that transforms your plate. When you truly pour yourself into what you are creating and it is done so with care and love, it is like giving a very intimate part of you to others.

            As this would be my second career, I am sure that this is where I want to be. Many years ago I had the opportunity to embark in the culinary world. I didn’t do so. The reality of it is I was nervous about it not being as lucrative as I aspired. However, I now understand that the money to be made is not my driving force. Anyone can have a high paying career. I am not against high paying careers, but what I am searching for is to be joyous and at peace with what I do. If I love it, and I am constantly learning more about it, my betterment is inevitable. When you sharpen your skills and follow the calling on your life, the money will follow.

            My resume may not be as full as some of my peers, however, I believe that the qualities that are within me will set me apart. I have a great desire to succeed. I feel that I owe it to myself to live a life that is full and prosperous. I want to do many things for others as well. I love the idea of doing charity work and being a blessing to my local community. As I go into the future, there are many ideas and projects that come to mind. Some may say that I dream too big, that I ought to slow down. That my duties are those of a mother first…I say, how can I be of any good to them or others when I am not finding fulfillment in myself? I have a responsibility to myself. I know that being successful, as a chef will allow us a better quality of life. I refuse to live by other peoples’ standards for my life. I will do what needs to be done to get where I want to be.

            I feel blessed to be in the position I am today. I have come far from where I started. Although it has been a tough road, and many times I have felt defeated, I carry on. I know there is so much territory ahead of me that I have yet to explore.  I look forward to the new skills and connections this career will bring my way. I welcome all that is new and will help develop me into a great chef.

Wk 8:Quiz Chapter 8, Question 4

a. The total revenue of Oct. 2009 is $545000 and total revenue of Oct. 2010 is $583000
b.  THe GOP of Oct. 2009and 2010 are $16200 ('09) and $184550 ('10).
c.    The GOP percentage for OCt. 2009 and 2010 are 26.72% ('09) and 31.66% ('10).

d.  The flow through of Santi's hotel is 59.34% this indecates an effeciency in managment.

average cost per key, which is simply the average purchase price of a hotel’s guest room expressed in thousands of dollars.

 As a result of the Internet, consumers can easily compare prices, but so can a hotel’s major competitors. Gone are the times when night auditors or others on the front office staff conducted the nightly call-around to ask other hotels’ night auditors what their hotels were charging for rooms and then used that information (often of questionable accuracy) to make decisions about what their own hotel’s rate offerings should be.

Despite the advent of the Internet, modern hotel pricing techniques cannot involve purely subjective approaches. 

WK 7 How Will Trump Affect Small Businesses

How Will Trump Affect Small Businesses

There is already a fear arising amongst small business owners that stems from the President elect and how he may affect their businesses. There was a survey conducted in which 68% said that taxes were one of their primary concerns.  The second most concerning topic was that of healthcare. Most of these small businesses waited till after the election to decide on hiring more staff. It is my understanding that the majority of small business owners are concerned by the government leaders.
Those results aren't far off from a separate survey and barometer released Monday by Capital One, which showed that 1 in 4 small business owners were more worried about the elections than about "competition, hiring and retaining talent and the regulatory environment.
The owners have anticipated challenges tied to the Presidency and believe this will have a significant impact in their growth.
Statistics from the Census Bureau also showed that small businesses accounted for more than 96 percent of all companies in the U.S. and employed more than 44 percent of all working Americans in 2013.
Regardless of these findings, many surveyed have indicated that conditions were far from excellent.
The number of businesses reporting "poor" conditions ticked up 4 percentage points to 19 percent.

Each day small businesses are concentrated on their growth and they do not want to add stress from the unknown. They find it will be in the best interest of their business to wait and see some of the results. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Stance On Marijuana In The Workplace 

As a culinarian in an ever-changing world, the newest debate to arise has been the legalization of marijuana and its effects in the work place. My personal stance on that is that legalization of fore mentioned drug should not make it allowable in the work places.  We have strict policies that make it illegal to show up to work under the influence of alcohol, so marijuana should not be the exception. If an individual uses marijuana for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes, it should be done off work premises. The work place’s highest concern is safety of the members along with upholding the mission. Research has proven that using marijuana has been linked to a decrease in safety.

Marijuana use has been linked to an increase in job accidents and injuries, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that the short-term effects of marijuana include impaired body movement, difficulty with thinking and problem-solving, memory problems, and an altered sense of time. Occupational Health & Safety
By Terri L. DoughertyFeb 01, 2016

Also, there is an already existing concern within the work place. The concern is that there are too many candidates that are looking for employment that cannot pass the initial drug test. Allowing more open use of marijuana in the work place would only make this a bigger problem. However, the biggest concern is that of a lawsuit from the applicant.
“The other piece is that if they don’t hire that person or the person is impaired at work, can the person come back and sue them for discrimination for their marijuana use,” he said, citing the example of a Colorado Dish Network employee, Brandon Coats, who was fired under the company’s “zero-tolerance” policy for drug use when he tested positive for medical marijuana.
Furthermore, I believe that the real game changer will come into play when marijuana is federally legalized. This would even the playing field by eliminating the gray areas. Until this change comes to pass, as a business owner, I must have the highest safety guidelines in place to protect myself and others alike. 

Monday, October 10, 2016


a Lisa's accrual accounting shows a higher net profit when compared to the cash accounting.
“In an accrual accounting system, revenue is recorded when it is earned, regardless of when it is collected, and expenses are recorded when they are incurred, regardless of when they are paid. Dopson, Lea R. Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry. Wiley, 09/2008. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.
b. Laura's cash accounting shows the most accurate amount of money on hand. 
c. The accounting method that most accurately shows the revenues generated regardless of when they were received is cash accounting.
d. The accounting method that most accurately shows the expenses incurred regardless of when they were paid is cash accounting.
“The major advantage to using a cash accounting system is its simplicity. If you have a checking account, you already understand how a cash accounting system works. When you make a deposit into your checking account, you add to your cash balance.” Dopson, Lea R. Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry. Wiley, 09/2008. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.
e. The accounting method that most accurately shows the outflows and inflows is cash accounting.
“You have learned that accountants use a double entry accounting system to record each of a business’s financial transactions twice. Doing so helps minimize the chance of making a recording error and helps ensure that The Accounting Formula stays in balance.” Dopson, Lea R. Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry. Wiley, 09/2008. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.

f. The accounting method that shows the most accurate reflection of their restaurant’s true profitability is cash accounting.


In the question posed we are given a scenario in which we are to determine if Laura’s actions are legal and ethical or not. After considering many details, I have concluded that although her actions were not illegal, she acted in an unethical manner. She took the cases of hot dogs that were delivered to her place of work for sampling purposes to her home for a private barbecue. The cases were free of charge to the establishment but this was done as a corrective action to prior orders. This was the way in which the provider was making the situation right.

As I mentioned previously, although her actions were legal, she was unethical. She caused the establishment a loss in terms of them never being able to sample the product therefore potentially taking earnings away from the provider. The reason the provider sent the cases to begin with was because they wanted to maintain a win-win relationship with the restaurant. They would not give away free samples just because.

 “ Ethics refers to the choices of proper conduct made by an individual in his or her relationships with others. Ethical behavior refers to behavior that is considered “right” or the “right thing to do.” Consistently choosing ethical behavior over behavior that is not ethical is important to your long-term career achievements. This is so because hospitality managers often will not know what the law may actually require in a given situation. When managerial activities are examined, employers, in many cases, will simply consider whether a manager’s actions were intentionally ethical or unethical.” Dopson, Lea R. Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry. Wiley, 09/2008. VitalSource Bookshelf Online.


As a professional culinarian, my passion and respect for the craft of baking is quite evident. As you admire my work, you see the long, rigorous sessions of countless hours and dedication that go into each piece created. I have an eagerness to constantly improve my work and this is obtained by surrounding myself with like-minded individuals. Recognizing that my attitude determines my altitude is a fundamental key to my success. Having tenacity and determination to always give my very best, in and out of the kitchen is only one of the many things that sets me apart in this industry. In a world where many suffer trying to identify who they are, and fighting to fit a mold, I am blessed to recognize that I am without rival. This isn’t to say there is no one out there better than me in the field or even as a person. What I mean is I know God has created me intentionally. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Therefore, He has equipped me with all the tools necessary to obtain greatness and prosperity in life. That is my inner voice.